Job:Project assistant

Release Date:2024-02-02 Work location: Shanghai Jing'an/Fengxian
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the quotation and follow-up of new products;

2. Assist with the overall control of the project , regularly discuss the project schedule with the internal project team;

3. Participate in sample production, testing, packaging and delivery, submit qualified samples to customers, and submit relevant documents required by customers (such as size report, test report, etc.), and follow up customers' sample feedback;

4. Organize project summary and share experience and lessons, and file all project documents.

Job Requirements: 1.Basic conditions: employees with professional quality and comply with the company's rules and regulations ;
2.Education and language requirements: junior college degree or above, CET -6 is required;
3.Professional skill level and performance requirements: R2 or above and the average performance score is not less than 90 points in the past two years.
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