Job: Sales Engineer

Release Date:2024-02-02 Work location: 上海奉贤
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales-related affairs from development to project delivery;

2. Responsible for market research, find potential technology and customer,and track project information, and participate in the marketing promotion;

3. Responsible for the project technical exchange , project quotation and price negotiation;

4. Responsible for customer factory audit;

5. Responsible for the handover of the projects to the project manager and cooperate with the PM to the project delivery;

6. Deal with quality complaints and avoid the customer complaints and related expenses;

7. Improve the customer satisfaction and stickiness , increase the acquisition probability of new business.

Job Requirements: 1.Basic conditions: employees with professional quality and comply with the company's rules and regulations ;
2.Education and language requirements: college degree or above, CET -6 is required;
3.Professional skill level and performance requirements: R2 or above and the average performance score is not less than 90 points in the past two years.
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