TPAD series Thermal Conductive Pads

Features and Benefits

TPAD series Thermal Conductive Pads are designed to improve an assembly’s thermal performance and reliability. Following is an overview of the important features and benefits offered by Thermal Conductive Pads family: 

·  Offer an extensive thermal conductivity range – going as high as 30 W/m·K;
·  Eliminating air gaps to reduce thermal resistance within assemblies.
·  Offer Min. 0.3 mm ultra-thin non-reinforced form thermal conductive pad, suitable for extremely small gap applications.
·  Low-modulus polymer material,Min. 10 Shore OO of hardness is optional;
·  Variety of product form options to suit any application, fiberglass carriers, high breakdown voltage properties, one tacky side, low density...
·  Multiple size and thickness to suit different applications, standard thickness from 0.3 to 5.0 mm .
·  Available in sheets and die-cut parts to easily fit into your manufacturing operation.

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