TGEL series Thermal Conductive Gels

Features and Benefits

TGEL series Thermal Conductive Gels, available in one part pre-cured formable and two parts curable formulations, are designed to create virtually zero stress on components during the assembly process, high thixotropic in nature, in-application stability, and electrical insulation property. Their liquid form means they are highly conformable, so can be utilized across many different gaps of assembly. The following is an overview of the important features and benefits shared by Thermal Conductive Gels family.

·  Range of thermal conductivities suitable for a range of components, Max. 9 W/m·K of thermal conductivity;
·  Low component stress during assembly to eliminate the risk of damage to components.
·  Long-term reliability with in-application stability, no dripping, no cracking, no dry risk after harsh environment test.
·  Friendly to adapt to automatic dispensing equipment, no abrasion to the equipment;
·  Customizable flow characteristics to suit any manufacturing process that is automatic or manual;
·  Available as pre-cured or cure-in-place system,one part solution and two parts solution are optional.

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