TGRE series Thermal Conductive Greases

Features and Benefits

TGRE series Thermal Conductive Greases offer fantastic thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, which improves the overall thermal conductive performance and reliability of devices. Thermal Conductive Greases is suitable for "zero-to-zero" contact style, so that the temperature of the heating devices can be maintained at a stable running status, to prevent the device from being damaged due to poor heat dissipation, and to extend the lifespan. The following is an overview of the important features and benefits shared by Thermal Conductive Greases family.

·  Providing lower thermal resistance to allow for better conductivity within a component stress during assembly application.
·  Long-term reliability with in-application stability, resistant to dripping to ensure grease stays in place and reduces the risk of mess.
·  Ideally suited to a range of applications, including both dispensing and screen-printing applications.
·  The type of resin required for use, silicone base or silicone-free base.

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